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Dr. Evan Chait is a doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and a physical therapist. Dr. Chait has made a career around helping others and his main mission in life is to help millions of people’s lives. After treating over 200,000 patients, he has simplified his approach and has sifted through the complexity to create a product line, nutrition and lifestyle courses, and mindfulness and transformational workshops that are designed to work and work well.


Dr. Chait is an avid researcher and student, and continues to search for the fastest and most efficient way to get you healthier and happier. He has advanced training Manual Therapy, Chinese Medical Pulse Diagnoses, Orthopedic Chinese Medicine, Qi Gong and Integrated Energy Medicine, Internal Medicine using Chinese Herbal Therapies, and has become an expert in Nutritional Therapy. He believes in blending traditional Chinese Medicine with current Western clinical nutritional strategies to optimize your health and overall wellness.



We have researched the world to find the best herbal ingredients from organic sources and glandulars from wild grass-fed free roaming lands. It gives me great pleasure to bring to you our product line, VitaType.


VitaType's unique nutritional supplementation comes from REAL food, nothing synthetic nor fillers EVER in all of our supplements.

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